Our Background

For over 30 years we have been building highly successful schools and related activities in New York, Florida, North Carolina and Georgia. Over 60 schools and service providers have been built, acquired, and/or managed employing thousands and serving many thousands of children and their families.

Our expertise ranges from early childhood and preschool centers to K-12 education for both the neurotypical and special needs communities. We planned and built successful large scale N-12’s such as the elite college prep program, Claremont Preparatory School, today known as Leman Manhattan Preparatory School. At over 325,000 square feet of prime Manhattan space, with two swimming pools, two gymnasiums, two cafeterias, two auditoriums and dozens of classrooms and labs, Claremont Prep was among the finest of institutions worldwide.

K3’s founders created the preeminent special education K-12 programs, Aaron School and Rebecca School. These programs, both in Manhattan, serve a wide range of children’s needs. Aaron School specializes in working with children with speech and language delays, whereas Rebecca School has a unique expertise in working with children diagnosed with autism and social /emotional dysfunctional disorders.

In addition to this sample of programs, we have created and operated many other successful educational programs over the years.

Today, we manage for-profit endeavors on the education landscape. Our responsibilities include, amongst other things, facilities design, human resource and payroll management, accounting and budgeting support, and third party funding/government relations.

We are dedicated and passionate about serving our constituencies of children, parents, families, staff, and regulatory authorities. Our goal is to create and enable the best possible environment and role model for all people we touch.

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